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Starter plan

0per month

Basic features for up to 2 users.

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All the benefits of our Starter plan....

iconsAccess to basic features
iconsUp to 5 budgets
icons1 Free bank account
iconsUp to 5 Free sub accounts
iconsPayOuts Fees - ₦50
iconsPayIns Fees - 0.5% capped at ₦10k
iconsBasic reporting and analytics
iconsBasic chat and email support
Growth plan

25,000per month

Growing teams up to 20 users.

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Everything in Starter plan plus....

icons5 Free bank account
iconsUp to 10 Free sub accounts
icons5 Free NGN virtual cards
icons1 Free physical card
iconsPayOuts Fees - ₦25
iconsPayIns Fees - FREE
iconsUp to 25 budgets
iconsUp to 3 approval levels
iconsAccounting Integration
iconsCustom role management
iconsAdvanced reporting and analytics
iconsPriority chat and email support
Scale plan


Advanced features + unlimited users.

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Everything in Growth plan plus....

iconsAccess to growth plan features
iconsUnlimited budgets
iconsUnlimited corporate cards
iconsUnlimited approval levels
iconsCustom role management
iconsPersonalised+priotity service

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